Women’s health

  • Routine PAP smears & breast checks
  • Contraception counselling (including insertion and removal of Implanon/Mirena)
  • Menopause management

Antenatal care

  • Pre-pregnancy counselling and check-up
  • Pregnancy management/Shared antenatal care – routine antenatal visits and management of any associated medical conditions together with the Lyell McEwin Hospital, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Gawler Health Service or Flinder’s Medical Center
  • Post-natal check up of mothers and babies


  • Routine immunisation for children and adults
  • Seasonal influenza vaccination
  • Travel immunisation

Mental health

  • Provide emotional well-being assessment (including Mental health careplan) and management
  • Supportive counselling
  • Referral to appropriate services as needed

Skin check

  • Provide skin check using a special instrument (dermascope)
  • Perform biopsy and excision
  • Cryotherapy (freezing) of suitable lesions

Chronic disease management

  • Education and ongoing  support
  • Regular monitoring for optimal disease control
  • Preparation of Chronic Disease Careplan and referral to allied health professionals

Men’s health

  • Blood pressure, weight
  • Skin, eye, ear, bone health
  • Mental well-being
  • Screening for bowel cancer, diabetes, prostate and sexual health

Children’s health

  • Milestone development checkup
  • Immunisation



2Dr Therese Phan grew up in Burton, attended Salisbury East High School, and studied Medicine at Adelaide University. She had further training with the Royal College of General Practitioners to become a GP. Her areas of expertise are Obstetrics, and both women’s and children’s health.  Dr Phan is affiliated with all of the major hospitals to do shared ante-natal care. Dr Phan is friendly, empathic and caring.
Dr. Naing Aung is a local graduate from Flinder University. He become a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners since 2011. He has special interest in procedures such as joint injections, skin lesion removal, Implanon/Mirena insertion. toe nail surgery. He is also accredited to do obstetric shared care and skilled in all other aspects of general practice
Dr. Liana Kumar is a friendly and caring General Practitioner Registrar. She graduated from medicine at University of Adelaide in 2016. She has worked across many hospitals including the RAH, QEH, Flinders, and later obtained a Master of Surgery from Flinders University in 2022. She is interested in all aspects of medicine including women’s health, paediatrics and adolescent health, mental health, preventative health, skin lesion removal and chronic disease management..


Ms Trang Tran and Ms Lindy Nguyen Our nurses are highly proficient at performing procedures, providing health assessments and giving advice. Upon arrival to the clinic, a patient’s height, weight, blood pressure and other important measurements may be checked. Details of the patient’s injuries or illnesses are then passed on to the doctor for appropriate action.
  • Health Assessment – 75 years plus annual checkup, 45-49 year-old health check and 4 year-old healthy kids check
  • Care plan and chronic disease management – for asthma, COAD, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis
  • Procedures – immunisation, ear syringe, ECG, venesection and wound care



Our friendly Practice Manager is Linda Buttler.


Our friendly Receptionists are AreyaDao, Jessica, Vy, and Anthony.